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2019 Super Bowl 53 Commercials - Sucked of Course

It used to be one of the main reasons to watch the Super Bowl was for the commercials, even if you weren't a football fan. Sadly those days are long gone. I'm not the first to write it. You know it't true.

Each year now we keep watching - hoping.

There are a few OK to good ones that fall through the cracks and make it to our TV's, but nothing like the days of the classic Budweiser horses, dog or frogs. Waaaaaaaz Uuuuupp!?

There was the Bud Light / Game Of Thrones crossover that was probably the best on of this years game. And the Michael Buble' Bubly one makes me smile.

Walmart had the best commercial in years - period, with its classic TV cars all coming to pickup order! - But it was out way before the super Bowl. It was much talked about but it would have killed if it were a SB commercial. Definitely the best commercial in years.

I'm a Techie so one of the commercials I hear people saying was good is for Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller. I'm sorry but this is not a GOOD commercial, it was a NICE commercial. There is a difference. Just because it was politically correct and made you feel good, doesn't make it a GOOD commercial.

There's not photo because I'm afraid I'll get sued just for having the words super & bowl together, much less add a photo.

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