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Total Recall 1990

So, I saw Total Recall - the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger - show up on Amazon Prime the other day so I added it to my watch list and saw it this weekend. Of course, I have seen it several times through the years because it’s a very good movie!

I did however pick up on how bad some of the scenes, situations, and circumstances were, and thought I would point some of them out.

Naturally EVERY movie and TV show puts characters in situations where you say "no way!", "that is so bad", "that would never happen", but this movie really seemed to have a lot of them.

The technology depicted seemed to go from futuristic to the 80’s. They had walls that turned into TV’s and holographic projection, but then they had big ass Sony Trinitron tube TV’s and computers that were from 1980 and had SCSI cables sticking out of them….

When his wife first tried to kill him, he was walking out of a bathroom with the lights on, and the apartment was dark and she was standing right in front of him and she hits the wall! With 5 shots! There could not be an easier shot in the world!

While at Mars customs, when is disguise malfunctions there is a red power core(?) that slides out that is bigger than his head, then when he takes the mask off – where is it?

Then when the dome breaks from a gunshot. – You would think the dome was made of stronger stuff, and that projectile weapons would be prohibited – 1. They have to hit a button to seal the breach. 2. That button is just a big read button in the middle of the desk. 3. It takes the workers forever to try and hit the button!

In the last fight when they use the holographic projector the bad guys are in a circle shooting at nothing – they all should have shot each other, yet none of them got hit.

And the last one, the biggest one – there’s no way the reaction could have created enough oxygen so fast to save Quade and Melina much less fill the “city” or cause Mars’ sky to turn blue!

I also thought Sharon Stone had bigger tits.


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