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Jodie Whittaker's the 13th Doctor Who Season 11

I have been a big fan of Doctor Who since it's return in 2005. I think I was aware of it before that but when this show came to the US on BBC America I was hooked.

All of the Doctors had their pluses and minuses, and the transition of a new Doctor is very hard. No one likes change especially if you spent a couple years getting attached to a character.

David Tennant’s first episode was not very good, he was asleep most of the episode, but the ending of it was very good and I knew after that show that I was going to love this Doctor and found out exactly what kind of man he was.

Matt Smith’s first episode was amazing. I did have to watch it a couple of times to appreciate it. In fact, I had to watch most of his first-year episodes a couple of times. But I had no doubt he was going to be a good Doctor.

I didn’t like Peter Capaldi’s first episode, but he eventually grew on me. He had some very good episodes but he is not my favorite.

I like Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. I can’t say I appreciate the stories, directing, or writing though. That is not her fault.

I think most of the best stories and episodes were written by Steven Moffat, so with him not being involved the show has a totally new personality.

I think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was too grumpy and mean, and Jodie’s is too nice. The Doctor needs to have an air of “I know everything”, “I’m better than you”, “I’m a Time Lord” (male or female descriptive) even if they don’t act like it all the time. But they need to act like it when it is needed. Doctor 13 has not been written like this yet. She has had 3 good chances so far and missed.

Besides the writing, the stories have also just been okay, except for “Rosa”, everyone agrees that was a good show.

For the first 4 episodes (maybe more) she would say “I’m still figuring myself out”. WHAT? That’s fine for the full first episode, but not 4. This “sorting out” has not been done well for any of the modern changes except for Matt Smith’s first episode. (again, it took a few re-watching’s to appreciate all the conversation miss-timing and actually understand the episode.)

I don’t like how so many YouTube hacks are bashing her and caller her sexist against men and blaming her specifically for the show not being very good. She is the first woman Doctor and she has to promote that.

That said, besides her Doctor being too nice, the whole show does seem too buddy buddy- “we can do it gang”. The final episode of this year was annoying that way.

No comment on her choice of clothes.

I look forward to the next 2 or 3 years of Jodie as The Doctor - hoping the shows are better - and hope we won’t have to wait a year and a half or longer for season 12 as has been reported...

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