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The Masked Singer

When I first saw the commercials for The Masked Singer, I was not expecting too much. But, I find It's pretty good and often watch it live. Everyone on it can sing better than I can. A couple of them are real good performers. It's fun to see who we were watching and like most reality shows, it's fun to watch the panelists talk and mess with each other.

I like Nick Cannon but I think the writing or his effort could be a little better. I hate it when he says "please reveal the revealing object". Mix it up a little. How about "bring out" or "here is".

I think if the panel guesses the right person, that should eliminate them right then.

I think Robin Thicke is right about the Bee being Gladys Knight

I predict that the rabbit and the peacock will be the last 2. They are the best singers and put on the best shows / performances.

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